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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sword of Drossel [OSTER Project]

A grieving bird song
As a thrush choking back tears

I can not forget that vivd memory from days gone by 
When my own brother turned his back upon our native land
Parting, all he left me was a look so cold it froze my core
And too, the final image of his back, walking away and growing small

Ah, but in the end this rain that falls like sorrow
Dries into a thunder filled up with hatred and horror
Clouds dark as night and heavy with feeling
Start to blacken out my/her sight, and it's blinding me/her slowly

And every time I bring to mind the promise that we made
My heart is swallowed by a flame so fierce
That precious things we knew
And things of beauty too --
Torn apart as if a sword had cut them through
Cast judgment on the acts of his that we call sins
Take pity and bless kindness on my tiny wings
The laboured sound of broken gears can no longer be heard
Though it goes on and on

I still see your shape, from those days gone by -- I see you in my dreams
So vividly like a grieving thrush holding back tears

With a frozen smile I took a step out to the foreign ground
I saw the one who turned his back upon our native land
Something inside me awoke upon that figure's being here
A sobbing wracked my body while the fires of hell ignite insanity

Ah, and in that moment, I lost all control
In my hands I found that sword, with the blade shining silver
Brandishing the blade, you raise the sword up high and bring it down in blindness.

Warm blood on my hands, and the shattered pieces of our bond around us
Awake my sense and show me my mistake…

My heart was blinded by that thunder filled with fear and rage
A hatred strong enough to take my sight
Enough to forge a blade
That nothing could evade
Even those I loved the most could not escape
And though I screamed and cried, no sound would leave my mouth
I'm clinging to his body desperately
These final breaths of his
Ran crimson down (my) wrist
Bit by bit, stop the beating of his heart

I beg of you, grant mercy on this grievous sin
Give grace to karma born of these regrets; Amen.

The sword I hold in my own hand will lead us from now on

It will lead everything

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