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Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Wolf Fell in Love With Red Riding Hood [Hitoshizuku]

So fate decided randomly
The day that this scene would begin
From far away all I could see
Was where a fleeting red had been

I ran away with all I had because
I saw a shadow in that unknown wood
And what I felt along with the fear was  
That it was the start of something new

“Meeting” only
Leads to an end
Before it
Even began
So I made up my mind
Took the long way to leave you behind

I wanna see you, no
I wanna feel you, no
I wanna speak to you, no
I can’t think that

All that becomes of the sly me and the fragile you
Coming together will be the end, it’s true

Even if I curse, and call it too cruel I know
Fate wouldn’t change a thing, but even so
Why is it you are you?
Why is it I am me?
I, the wolf, and you, red riding hood,  

I’m sure that you will come again
You’ll pass along that road once more, today
And once again, today all that I can do
Is from afar watch over you

And once again, you’re hiding over there
Like you do every time, behind that tree
As I pass by pretending that I don’t see
the way you’re watching over me

And though our eyes
Won’t ever meet
Voices too
Won’t ever reach
Only the sighs falling from
Our lips piling up, on and on

Even if I can’t see you
Even if I can’t feel you
Even if I can’t speak to
That’s all right, yeah

If we’re both there somewhere, both careless you, clumsy me
As long as we’re both there it’s fine, can’t you see

If we can’t say that this is love, isn’t love we feel
There’s no need for words from us, since it’s not real
Though I think it through, always thinking through
The ending won’t change, nothing we can do

Wanted to see you, and I
Wanted to feel you, and I
Wanted to speak to you, to tell you truly
The you that’s adorable, the me that’s so gentle
Finally should meet at the end, don’t you agree?

How many times, oh, how many times would
I make a wish and pray to God above
But, sadly, I am still, yeah, sadly, we are still
I’m the wolf, and I am red riding hood

Tears running down your face, I want to erase your pain
Shaking, I reach out for what I can’t obtain
Know that I love you, and
I want to embrace you, but
I can’t do a thing to make it so

I can struggle on and
I can wish for it but
Claws and fangs I/you have won’t disappear
That’s why I’ll always be waiting for you
Till the day you stop crying, waiting for you just by that tree that we knew