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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Outer Science [Jin]

One life, a sad thing, so small, lived to the least, and
Once dead should it still be knocking at the door?
One little master watches on from the wings
"A vile tales begins"

Reaching out grandly, the body and the throat, like
Dissolving a dead heart down to nothing at all
Swallow the life, slowly, gulping it down
Gouging the eyes right out

Hey, didn't we both wish for this to be?
Oh how you throw that black and dirty look at me
You know, heroic purpose is my
favourite dish

Welcome to the place in my womb
Last stop for love and ego too
Don't be scared because you
Oh, Soon will be born anew
To be so like a monster is it not so, lovely, lovely,

"Oh god please tell me why," you say
"Can't take it anymore," you wail
So accept it, don't wait
This is the thing we call fate
Next one, the next one, the next one the master I anticipate

Legends, the lives, the destinies of these people
And love, such a careless thing to fall into blind
Normally quiet now the snake laughs aloud
"Such foolish things, and how"

Aah, fill me up, I can't seem to get enough, no
Teasing and toying with a heart that's grown dark
Calling it mine, possessing their little lives
It's buried in their eyes

Aah, it dwells inside you there, ain't it right?
Yeah, that ability connecting up the eyes
Your majesty, you reign over this
story's demise

Sing out your praise, rejoice for life
Pray for love and ego's last divide
Without further ado, 
The shaking days will fall through,
Let's march together to the start of this one last tragedy

"Give back what's been lost!" You lament
"Can't take anymore," you regret
You think I care, it's innate
This is the thing we call fate
This terrible, brittle, trivial story is reality

Such idiotic lives they lead
Trying to resist what's guaranteed
Starting with turning the tide
Where the same stories collide
It's reckless and unrefined
Crying, weeping, howling, writhing

Aah, what an ugly life it is!
Before you ask 'Why?', it's remiss
Demanding more than your due
Pay for the sins that you knew
These hollow miracles are cracking open, crumbling, fading and

"I don't care anymore" is your lie
Time and time again you sit and cry
Even the last curtain call
Fades down to nothing at all

Next one, the next one, the next one that's coming 
Next one, the next one next day is
Next one, the next one the next one I'll still be sneering

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