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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ayano's Happiness Theory [Jin]

Crossing my mind, once again, once more I think back upon my family
"Ayano is your big sister, so everyone, please be kind to her, let's all get along!"

There inside a little house, with four red brick walls around us
Whispering so quietly, like they're making secret plans together
In those children brought here, a memor    y lies behind red eyes
One more secret from the grown ups, a past they've locked away

An expression filled with fear, they cry "It's because I'm just a monster!"
"That's not true at all!" I say, "Take a look at this for me, won't you?"
"That red you fear so much is the colour of a brave hero,"
"So you see, there's no need, for you to be afraid of it…"

Wondering what it is that they'd find fun
Today I'm playing the 'big sister' again
"Hey, guys! Look over here!"
I wrap a red scarf twice around my neck
"A secret organisation!"

So dye the past with madder red, so we can begin
Doesn't matter if we're only playing at heroes
As long as we can manage the smallest of smiles,
You know today too we'll still be family

I pray     for good times, happiness, in the time ahead,
No matter how much sadness the future holds for us
"So keep this secret to yourselves, ok?"
Still laughing, the sun sets on this day

Spring arrives upon a breeze, and the now-adult world is changing
Twisted so unreasonably, like it's had this secret plan all along
In the eyes of loved ones, the tears have all but faded away
Never noticed by a single soul, dimming into black

It's all gone wrong, but by the time I found out
I couldn't tell anyone at all

"God no, oh please no, I don't want to break…"
The world that we knew, happiness, has come to an end

"So then madder red, I beg you, I'm begging, no more
Don't bring destruction to anyone else's future
I tried to gather my thoughts, I cried again
Keeping it all hidden under a smile

I wonder maybe if I had those red eyes myself,
Somehow I could save somebody's future instead

I'm awkward, I know, and shameful as well
But this time, this secret plan is mine alone…

Now that I am not around, wonder if that secret organisation
Are still getting along, smiling together like back then
They're probably mad at me, and I don't blame them
But now, have I become the 'big sister' I tried to be?

Please try to bring it to mind
The word that I loved with all my heart
It's "happiness",  such a strange thing, don't you agree?
Still, I hope that you can love tomorrow too


  1. Thanks for posting these... I love these lyrics! I will use them ^ ^ and credit you of course...

  2. I love these! Please keep posting ^^

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