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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Rockbell [HoneyWorks]

If you care to look you'll see
that this town can actually breathe
Papa and mama are fighting once more, haa...
Every day it's just the same

I can't walk to school with  all the others
which I don't like much
Sometimes stones are thrown my way
so just behind them I trot, I trot, I trot

Classes can be such a bore
So I slip out at noon or before
In the breeze that's sweeping by
Uneasily I blink looking high

If there were a world where I wasn't around
It'd be another world that spins the same
And it's so hot! This husk clinging on to me
Shedding it I move onto an unknown town
All the things I've seen, all the things that I've smelt
All the things I've heard, and all these bitter tastes
Everything, it all just seems to be the same but
if it's not, then tell me how!

Even at this age I still get
patted on the head like this
I'm not exactly happy about it
But I know that I do want snacks

Napping next to mama's side
when she's dozed off and sleeping sound
I dreamt everyone was gone so
straight away I woke right up

Suddenly I felt kinda scared 
with tears in my eyes, I shook her
Too warm, mama's far too warm
her breathing's strained and shallow too and

Can she not hear my voice calling her?
She's not even making the faintest of replies
"Somebody help!"
I run, I run straight outside to search
but for all my shouting it seems nobody cares

This hand that I reach out with is so useless, useless
It gets knocked away by papa, glaring hard
In the look that's in his eyes I'm sure they express
I am not wanted here anymore

Precisely one full course of emotions
felt all at once, so dropped all as one
I'm leaving behind another "I"
to the mad red sky, when rain clouds have dried

Clear skies!
I dashed along with all my fur intact
Not a single turn of my head looking back
A glass of milk, spilled won't fill up itself again
so there's no point in crying over it then
All the things I've seen, all the things that I've smelt
All the things I've heard, and all these bitter tastes
This town, I guess, is just a little chilly, 
but that's ok, for once it's fine

Oh hey, you! Would you please tell me your name?
Don't you have some friends that you could play with?
Your family? Are they-- oh, I see, is that right,
If that's the case I'll walk with you from here on

These hands I reach out with are so useless, useless
Even so they're being gently stroked by yours
I told myself I wouldn't cry anymore
but I guess not, so won't you hold me?

Please just this time, hold me tightly.


  1. I love what you wrote...Beautiful <3

  2. Did you copy these lyrics from Nucl3arW3ss3l? Or did you write these lyrics from the start, because I just looked on Nucl3arW3ss3ls page and she has the exact lyrics saying she wrote it....

    1. If you had bothered to check the dates our respective covers and lyrics were posted, you would have seen that mine have existed for several months longer, so no, I have not stolen them, and I don't really appreciate being accused of it.

  3. This is cool lyrics though ^^ I'm not trying to bash you or anything...

  4. hi was was just wondering if you can do honey by the vocaloids