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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Muddy Cloud [nioP]

So dark and overcast, the clouds reflect inside the muddy pool
And so this boring day is here, and now it  starts all over again

And now I think about it, yesterday I so easily found
A pair of shoes that belonged to that quiet child I knew

Aah, but no-- it's so troublesome
The favourite bag they had is here, lost, left behind

Expectations, ideals, the future too but now reality
Is blurred, and with a few kind words, it's nothing much, just a small white lie

The moon above I see so far away is truly beautiful
And when you murmured softly to me, you told me, you said


I just closed my eyes, closed them tightly
And dreaming, always, about the time in this park
All alone, I cry, way beyond the night
And on to some far away place, so far away


  1. Hi!
    I covered your version of Muddy Cloud and used your lyrics, just wanted to let you know! x3
    If you're interested in listening to my video, it's on my channel Alessa Gillespie (same name as my Google Account) - I would be very honored!

  2. If you ever read this and don't find me, I changed my name into Jodie Holmes!