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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hello/How Are You [nanou]

Hello/How Are You?   [nanou]

I opened the window, looked out and said so quietly
(How are you?)
And in this room you see, there's no one but me
The morning comes along, and rain falls down so heavily
(Tick tock)
Would someone use the key and wind me up; won't you please?


There was this girl I saw back then in an old TV cartoon
(How are you?)
I envied her so much, she was loved by everyone
I need to stop this day-dreaming now— 'cause soon I have to get ready
But first I have to hide the left over tears

And; somehow it's now a habit to say 'oh well'
The words that I was told back then suddenly come into my mind
"I don't have any expectations from you anymore."
Well I guess that these days I don't expect much from myself either but please...
For what reason did you need to tell me that?

There's some words, important, that I could almost say out loud
But what came out of my mouth was nothing more than lies
Always wasting words like these, precious words of mine I lose,
and I go on and live my life like this; it still goes on—

Why is silence always hiding what you're feeling?
Is mocking laughter in their voices what you're seeing?
So, you want to be alone is that your meaning?
Say, is that appealing?
And now see me, I'm drowning in a sea called 'confusion'
It hurts so very much, I'm barely even breathing here
What I'd give just to hear someone else's voice
Really, I am so weak...


While I try to get ready to fully face the day,
In my sleepy mind these thoughts begin to form;
"Maybe I should just make up excuses and stay home."
Oh come on, I know it's not right, no
I just thought to say it aloud, that's all it is I swear.
I know, I do, so please don't be mad at me

Regardless of whether you are happy or the opposite
the sun will rise over you and equally as cruel
I am at my limit just living life each passing day
And you want more, but what are you still expecting from me?

Why do you keep everything inside you guarded?
And isn't everybody's love just what you wanted?
Who was the first one giving up before it all started?
Have you realised yet?
If there's a time-card made for life
Then I wonder what time is it mine clocks out
Who is it writing out the checks to pay the salary of this, of my life?


(Thank you)
I want to say out loud a 'thank you'
(Thank you)
I want to give someone this 'thank you'
(Thank you)
If only for one time, then that would be fine
From the very bottom of my broken heart I want to cry out, sing out loud a big 'thank you' so much

Why is silence always hiding what you're feeling?
Isn't it true you want to know somebody's listening?
Look around you, don't you see that no one is laughing?
Won't you start talking?
No one will understand a thing unless you speak out
Just thinking it will never reach anyone
Troublesome and hopeless things, it's sad but true; that us humans are

(Hello/How are you?)


  1. Ahhh.. I can listen to this everyday. Found some English version of this but this is the best version everrr. O(≧∇≦)O

  2. Nice. I loved it. The first one I found was only half the version. But, when I finally found a full version, it led me to this. I was like, "THANK YOU GOD!" But, really, Thanks.

  3. At first,I misjudged the song,but now, i love it!!<3 :3

  4. Best song ever! My friend showed me it and now I AM ADDICTED!

  5. Hi, Road! I love your covers! nee, I used you lyrics to cover this song. ^^ And I also credited you even if you did say we don't have to. But I will feel bad if I don't. ^^" Anyway, I hope you like what you're hearing ^^ Here's the link to the song so you can listen.

    Youtube: (Hello/ How Are You)