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Friday, 19 August 2011

Leia [yuyoyuppe]

Leia (piano)   [yuyoyuppe]

Let me hear your voice, I'm begging please
Remedy the drowning of my heart
I will paint a scene upon this canvas
Every layer made of lies
Once more...

In the end all I've come to see
Are these endless illusions
"What's the name I should give to it?"
Warm and cold they both feel the same
Laughter haunts a place inside me
So before it destroys me
Today I will lock it away;
The future is painted in shades of grey—

Fantasies that I wanted; abandon all the lies
If you can let me hear you, please raise your voice!

I inlaid the patterns of my soul
With the love from my heart, overflowing
Overlapping ecstacy in your voice
Though the sound is far away
If it takes a shape, a perfect figure
Even if its just to break apart
I don't need to see with these two eyes
Hold me close as darkness takes me

Now these endless illusions take
One look at me and laugh sadly
"What's the name I should give to it?"
Echoed words, resounding in shades of grey—

Holding breath just so lightly; eternity stops there
Leaving me to on alone with my despair—

When the ticking of the clock-hands cease
Say goodbye to this world that we know
Praying for a light,, the words are pointless
We both know they have no meaning
Just a little more the laughter comes
Just a little more the prayer flows
Tell me can you hear me where you are
If it's "no" then please just kill me

Let me hear your voice I'm begging please
Remedy the drowning of my heart
I will bury that canvas of lies
Next to you, my loving liar
If there's not a way to leave behind
Any trace existence of our love
Let the fire consume every part of me
Let my life just fade away


  1. <333 I just want to re-emphasize: your voice is so beautiful!

  2. what do you think about sing "paradise of light and shadow", with your voice i think it will be incredible, cause "leia" sounds beautiful

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