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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Two Breaths Walking [deco*27]

Two Breaths Walking [deco*27]

(Lyrics under the cut.)

In my continuing evolution this is just the first page in my story—

Because I want to hold you tight, 
I'll walk and walk with all my might
And because sometimes I feel alone
I try to time my breath with yours

"Hey, mama, guess what, I found this someone that I really like!"
"Oh, is that so?"

Let's meet again;
By now, I wonder, wonder, who, just who's been watching over you, oh
And did you memorise those lines, did you learn your words yet?

Papa, mama, Mr. Bear
Thank you for the love you shared
Now I've got to go ahead
But wait, something's not right

The same feet that I stepped out with back then have changed
The feet I used to reach your stage
Somehow now they're starting to hurt you I see the pain you feel and
Is it these? Is it those? 
Brand new words that we learnt long ago
Cutting you deep, like a knife

Is it tearing up your life? 

Please I'll make it right,
Before I pull out the knife
I'll take a single deep breath, and then close my eyes,
And then I'll press your lips to mine—

And in this kiss
You live, by breathing, breathing me, my air
You're living by my breath, and now, the words that hurt you once
Are gone, melted between our silent mouths—

Hey, I feel, I feel you breathing with me dear,
It's tentative but true, I hear, I hear you saying those three words
I love you, I love you
If you're going to do that, then synchronise your breath with mine
Don't drop a beat, we'll keep in time as you listen to my words now


  1. I've heard this on utube and followed the link. ABSOLUTLEY loved it! Singing it in my anime club meeting this friday! XD

  2. I love your voice and this song >_<