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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shinkai Summit [deco*27]

Shinkai Summit  [deco*27]

(Lyrics under the cut.)

Surely such a great height terrifies me eh-eh-eh

Surely the sky above will distract me hey, hey

All along you were still just focusing on the feelings
That are so old they've faded black and white
However surely now the ocean of the deepest part
Of my heart is drowning itself—
"What will you do?"

Now no longer holding on my imitation grasp is gone
I'm watching you and I know
That I was always just a chain tied tightly round your two bare feet
From here, this height goes on ahead—

All the pain inflicted on me shows up on my face
So beautiful, so beautiful
Just how many times is it that you've hurt me?
"Don't think 'bout stopping now."

Tell me I'm listening, can you certify how things ended up exactly like this?
Just stop now—
Shut up, just shut up I can't take it,
Even if I hold back these words it won't change a damn thing
Because we're one—

Now you're holding onto me, I get back to my feet once more
You're watching me and I know
You only help me to repeat and bring me right back down again
"Say do you really love me still?"

One more time, one more time, I hold my breath in
You reach out for my hand to pull me back to you over again
One more time, this time, I'll stand up by myself
And I'll be the only one to make it out of here alive

You're still trying to hold on, but for the first time I'm relieved
You fall away and I'm free
And though once upon a time I was dazzled by your blinding light
It's just plain stupid
Now maybe the me you can see
Can live and be and stay that way,
Rather, it's certain.
So I'll say it, thanks to you, I'm shadowing your steps, my love
Just watch this is forever—

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  1. Deco*27 is one of my favorite vocaloid bands. Your voice + English lyrics makes their songs much more enjoyable. I believe the appropriate word would be eargasm. I'm curious why you don't have a post for your montblanc and mozaik role covers.